Content Marketing Builds Key Relationships

Content Marketing Builds Key Relationships

More and more businesses are using content marketing to build relationships with their customers and prospects. It sounds easy enough. Share information and grow a loyal customer base. Unfortunately, however, not all content is created equal nor does all content deliver great results. If you want to truly engage your audience with your content, try these tips.

  1. Know your audience. Before you begin writing, learn as much as possible about your customers and prospects so you can tailor the information youshare with them. For instance,what needs drive them to do business with you? Do they value convenience or are they more interested in saving money? Some writers find it helpful to actually visualize a reader as if engaging the individual in a conversation.
  2. Write for your reader. Content marketing only works when you share information that is relevant and valuable to your reader. If you fill your newsletter, website and social media only with information that reads like an advertisement for your company, prepare to lose your audience. Each piece that you publish should provide at least one nugget of information that will make your reader come back for more.
  3. Write well. Your content is a reflection of your company and your brand. Make a positive impression with well written content. Use the writing process to create a thoughtful piece that is easy to read and relevant to your reader. Edit ruthlessly to ensure that your ideas are easy to understand and that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. 
  4. Be succinct. When you write, be short and to the point. Know what you want to say and take the time to craft your words carefully. 
  5. Make your text easy to read. Most people today are scanners not readers, especially when they are viewing content on line. Make your content easy to scan by using subheads, bold and italicized type, and bulleted lists.
  6. Explain technical information. Every industry has words that are used to convey technical information quickly. If your audience won’t understand these words, don’t use them. They only confuse your reader. Build your credibility by explaining your subject so that your reader understands what you are communicating. 
  7. Be consistent. To have impact, publish content on a regular basis. Distribute it to subscribers via an email marketing platform, post it on your website and share it on social media outlets.

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