Craft a Memorable Marketing Message

Craft a Memorable Marketing Message

Mention Coca-Cola, BMW, Starbucks, Target or McDonald’s and most people can instantly visualize the company’s logo. These logos are so powerful that they often evoke emotions — both positive and negative — about the company and its products and services. Logos achieve this status through careful marketing, relentless consistency and saturation.

A logo, while important, is just one part of the branding equation. The other critical component is a memorable marketing message — a succinct statement that captures your brand in words. Your marketing message is your “logo in words.”

Test Your Message

How effective is your company’s marketing message? Ask yourself these three questions:

  • When you introduce your company, do you consistently use the same message?
  • Does your staff understand, embrace and use your marketing message?
  • Is your marketing message an integral part of your marketing?

Create a Memorable Marketing Message

Here’s how you can create and use your marketing message to grow your brand:

  • Craft an effective marketing message. An effective marketing message is a succinct statement, usually no more than 25 words, that addresses a key customer pain point, suggests a solution and explains why your solution is better than that offered by your competition. To be memorable, your message must be simple and meaningful, capturing the essence of your company and differentiating it from your competition. Everyone connected to your company should understand your message, including staff, customers and prospects.
  • Make your marketing message part of your business culture. Many companies develop a marketing message as part of a marketing or business plan and then fail to use it. To be effective, however, your marketing message must be understood and used by everyone connected to your business.  Your message should be simple enough that everyone can easily share it with customers and prospects. When you develop a marketing message, introduce it to your entire company. Explain the thought process behind it. Use your message frequently internally to institutionalize it.
  • Share your marketing message with customers and prospects. Once you have crafted a memorable marketing message, make it your “logo in words” by making it the foundation of all of your marketing. A strong marketing message provides consistency, repetition and simplicity to your marketing, important elements to building your brand. Your message should be on every page of your website and in every print piece. Use it when networking and during client or prospect presentations. Record a voicemail greeting incorporating your marketing message and include it in your e-mail signature. Whenever you market your business, think about how you can effectively incorporate your marketing message for maximum impact.

Your marketing message is a critical component of your brand. Use your “logo in words” consistently to grow your brand and build your business.

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