Do Customers Hear Your Marketing Message?

Do Customers Hear Your Marketing Message?

The average consumer is bombarded with thousands of messages every day. How do you cut through the noise and get your customers’ attention? More importantly, how do you get your customers to act?

The key to reaching your customers is to have a memorable marketing message — what I refer to as your “logo in words.” Your logo should provide a memorable graphic representation of your company. Your marketing message should do the same in words. Most companies recognize the value of a logo and carefully protect its integrity. You should do the same with your marketing message. Once you have created a memorable marketing message, use it consistently and integrate it into all of your marketing materials.

An effective marketing message is customer-centered, that is, it is written from the standpoint of your customer. Your marketing message should not be a label announcing to the world what products and services you offer and how great your comany is. Instead, your marketing message should address your customer’s pain points, your solution to these needs, and what makes your solution better than that offered by your competition.

When developing your marketing message, use these four strategies:

  • Make your marketing message customer-centric. Customers don’t buy your product or service because of its features or because you have a great company. They spend their money on your product or service because it will address a need they have. Think of a critical need or pain point shared by many of your clients and focus on it in your marketing message.
  • Make your marketing message memorable. Your marketing message must be memorable if it is going to be effective. When your prospects and customers hear or read your marketing message, it should resonate with them. They should identify with what you are saying. Forget the industry jargon, corporate language and statistics. Think about your typical customer and speak to that person as you craft your message.
  • Make your marketing message succinct. Your marketing message should be short and to the point. Every word must have a purpose. Aim for a statement that is 25 words or less. Then edit your message relentlessly following Thomas Jefferson’s advice, “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”
  • Make your marketing message simple. If your marketing message is going to be effective, it must be easy to communicate. It also should be easy for prospects and customers to remember.

Now what? Once you have a memorable marketing message, use it! It should be the cornerstone of all of your marketing, driving the message of your website, print pieces, social media, direct mail and all other marketing strategies.

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