Memorable Marketing Message Builds Brand

Memorable Marketing Message Builds Brand

Every company or nonprofit should have a marketing message, or what I refer to as your “logo in words.” This strong, succinct statement should capture the customer need or pain point you address, your solution and what makes your solution better than that of your competition. Here are several ways you can incorporate your marketing message into marketing tools to build your brand:

  • Website. Your marketing message should be on every page of your website, even the contact page. Don’t fall into the trap of including your message only on the home page. A visitor may never get to your home page and therefore will leave your site without a clear understanding of your company.
  • Print pieces. Include your marketing message in all of your print pieces. It is as important as your logo.
  • Social media. If you want social media to be an effective marketing tool, incorporate your marketing message.
  • Networking. When you meet a prospect, use your marketing message to introduce your company. If your message sounds awkward in speech, restructure it so you can state it with ease.
  • Business card. Include your marketing message on your business card. This is a great marketing tool and helps a new acquaintance remember you and your company or organization.
  • Voice mail greeting. Record a voice mail greeting that includes your marketing message. When you leave a message for a prospect, incorporate your marketing message as well.
  • Email signature. When your marketing message is included, it elevates your email signature from contact information to marketing.
  • Speaker introduction. By integrating your marketing message into your speaker biography, you provide your audience with a memorable introduction to your company.
  • Thank-you notes. One of the most effective and low-cost marketing tools is a handwritten thank-you note. Incorporate your marketing message for added power.
  • Presentations. Use your marketing message during presentations to prospects, clients and other groups to help people understand how your company addresses their needs.
  • Client meetings. Have clients ever told you that they were unaware that your company offered a particular service or product? Help them understand the depth and breadth of your company through a strong, memorable marketing message.
  • Prospect letters. When you include your marketing message in a prospect letter, you answer the pressing question, “What’s in it for me?”
  • Newsletters. While your newsletter should not be a sales pitch, it is appropriate to include your marketing message to reinforce your company brand.

Bottom line — integrate your marketing message into all of your marketing efforts. It’s that simple.

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