Marketing Communications Audit

Is your brand working? Is your message clear? Or are you wasting your marketing budget on tools and strategies that don't work? At Joan B. Marcus Communications, we believe that a marketing communications audit is a critical first step in laying the groundwork for a strong marketing communications plan that can help you achieve your strategic goals.

We begin our comprehensive marketing communications audit process by learning about your business or organization, your industry and your competition. After a thorough review of your marketing materials and strategy, we develop a written report with recommendations for immediate action and review our findings with you.

Key elements of the marketing communications audit include:

  • Marketing message, including clarity and consistency;
  • Graphic presentation for consistency and ability to build the identity of your company or nonprofit organization;
  • Key messages for specific audiences;
  • Benefits statement with a focus on differentiation for specific target audiences;
  • Communication process for both internal and external audiences;
  • External feedback through interviews or surveys of select customers, prospects, partners or other key groups.

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About Us

With more than 35 years of experience in marketing communications, Joan B. Marcus Communications knows what it takes to build your brand through the power of words. We understand the big picture. We sweat the small stuff. We take writing seriously.

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