Marketing Communications Plan

Kick-start your marketing efforts with a practical marketing communications plan developed by Joan B. Marcus Communications. Whether you are a business or nonprofit, a thoughtful marketing communications plan focuses your efforts for optimum results saving time and money.

We take a strategic approach to planning to ensure your business or nonprofit gets from Point A to B. We help you develop achievable marketing goals and objectives with tactics and a timeline that will challenge but not overwhelm you. Because results matter, evaluation is an important part of each plan we develop. Once your marketing communications plan is completed, we recommend regular review meetings to assess progress and adapt your plan to changing needs.

When you are ready to take your marketing to a new level, contact Joan B. Marcus Communications. We look forward to working with you.


About Us

With more than 35 years of experience in marketing communications, Joan B. Marcus Communications knows what it takes to build your brand through the power of words. We understand the big picture. We sweat the small stuff. We take writing seriously.

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