Marketing Message

A memorable marketing message is your most important marketing tool, setting your business or nonprofit apart from your competition. Your marketing message captures your competitive advantage or unique selling proposition (USP) in one succinct sentence. It pinpoints your customers’ needs, proposes a solution and explains why your solution is the best option.

At Joan B. Marcus Communications, we are pros at developing memorable marketing messages. We use a deliberate process to ensure that your message becomes an integral part of your marketing efforts. During a guided discussion, we explore key concepts about your business or nonprofit, draft your message and then refine it in partnership with you.

  • We dig deep. We get to know your industry, your business and your strengths and challenges so we can craft a winning marketing message.
  • We focus. Developing a marketing message challenges you to focus on the core strengths and goals of your company. We facilitate discussions that help you determine what is most important.
  • We create. In partnership with you, we create a succinct, memorable marketing message that will resonate with your target audiences.

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About Us

With more than 35 years of experience in marketing communications, Joan B. Marcus Communications knows what it takes to build your brand through the power of words. We understand the big picture. We sweat the small stuff. We take writing seriously.

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