Grant Proposal Writing

As communication experts, we turn your innovative programs into compelling grant proposals that are clear, concise and convincing. As team players, we take the time to understand your ideas and capture them in words that make your initiatives come to life.

We can assist you throughout the proposal development process by facilitating planning meetings with your staff and collaborators, conducting research to support your proposal, drafting the proposal, gathering requested documentation and preparing the grant package for submission.

With years of experience in proposal preparation, we also help nonprofits strategize the optimum approach to a particular funder and edit grant proposals to ensure that they are aligned with funder priorities and the agency mission.

To learn how we can assist your nonprofit with grant writing, please contact Joan B. Marcus Communications today.


About Us

With more than 35 years of experience in marketing communications, Joan B. Marcus Communications knows what it takes to build your brand through the power of words. We understand the big picture. We sweat the small stuff. We take writing seriously.

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